In a world where the journey to personal and professional growth is marked with unique experiences and individual strengths, finding the right inspiration can be truly transformational. Debra L. Morrison, a TEDx speaker, and seasoned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, along with Linda Fisk, an accomplished university professor and former CEO of Collective 54, delve into an empowering conversation about leadership and success. Their latest YouTube video, now available as a podcast too, is not just another talk; it’s an opportunity to embrace your unique leadership style and learn from two powerful women.

A Dose of Inspiration:

Let’s dive into some of the valuable takeaways from Debra and Linda’s conversation:

Mental Toughness as the Key to Success

Linda reminds us that, in every area of growth, mental toughness, and determination often predict our ultimate success. It’s not about being perfect but persevering through challenges, failures, and setbacks. She beautifully phrases, “It’s your next step on the path of mastery.”

The Power of Grace

Debra brings up the concept of grace as the ability to push toward excellence while leaving room for failure. Grace is about understanding that mistakes and failures are part of the journey. As Linda wisely states, “Failure is an opportunity to apply your learnings to your next attempt.”

Women in Leadership

Linda shares her passion for accelerating the success of women in leadership by providing resources, networks, tools, and relationships that advance their unique purpose. She emphasizes the importance of finding your tribe, those who surround you, lift you up, and support your journey.

Why Watch the Video?

Now, you might be wondering why this conversation is worth your time. The answer is simple – it’s packed with insights and wisdom that can inspire growth and transformation in your life. If you’re looking for guidance, motivation, or simply an empowering conversation, this video (and now podcast) is for you!

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