We Can Do It Women™ Blockbuster TV &
Mini-Mastermind Experience

July 25 -27, 2024

Have you ever dreamed of sharing your talents and expertise with a global audience? 

Of leveraging the immense power of streaming media to amplify your entrepreneurial story or cause? 

Are YOU a woman leader who is ready to play BIG, to expand your voice, and to step into your full power?

Well, that dream is about to become a reality!

Introducing the We Can Do It Women™ TV Show on the renowned Zondra TV Network.

We are looking for the next Network Television star, yes TV - is that YOU?

Imagine having your own 30-minute segment broadcast across major streaming platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Hulu, reaching a potential audience of over 350 million viewers. This is your chance to share your voice, your message, and your mission with the world.

The visibility and credibility you will gain is unparalleled, allowing you to make a meaningful impact and connect with a vast, diverse audience.

I'm selectively inviting a small group of women to be part of an empowering experience designed to give you a powerful platform for greater exposure.


Women entrepreneurs eager to elevate their brand and business by sharing their unique voice and message with the world.
Coaches, authors, and thought leaders with an important message to share, ready to amplify their voice and make a lasting impact on their audience.
Local businesses and non-profits looking to expand their reach by communicating their mission and values to a broader community.
Anyone with a powerful story that needs to be heard; ready to use their voice to inspire, educate, and create meaningful change in the lives of others and leave a legacy.

If you know you're meant for more yet didn’t know your next step, this is your invitation to make the leap.


The streaming revolution is here, and the savviest entrepreneurs and thought leaders are getting in on the action as early adopters. Those who move swiftly are the ones whose messages rise above the relentless digital noise to connect with their ideal audiences.

It's time for you to claim your place in this new media frontier through We Can Do It Women TV on the Zondra TV Network.

Your experience starts as soon as you register. 

We Can Do It Women™ Mini-Mastermind Experience:

1:1 Strategy Session with Debra: Prior to filming, you'll receive a personal strategy session with Debra to clarify your vision and create your unique "We Can Do It" plan to maximize this opportunity.
A group session with Executive Producer Zondra Evans of ZondraTV Network Studio: Learn invaluable strategies for leveraging your TV stardom to dramatically amplify your reach, impact, and income. You'll walk away with a game plan for translating this mass media exposure into an incredible revenue stream.
Mini-Mastermind on July 25: Prior to the ZondraTV experience, we'll host a one-day mastermind LIVE in Dallas, Texas to help you clarify your vision, goals, and create a solid financial plan to manifest your desires. My mission is to empower driven, ambitious women who are committed to growing their wealth and leave a lasting legacy.

On the We Can Do It Women™ TV show our goal is to capture your genius live in Zondra’s new Dallas studio and broadcast the best of you and your brand to your ideal community.

Here's what's included in your We Can Do It Women™ Blockbuster TV Experience:

Your 3-Day Hollywood Experience: You'll be treated like the true A-lister you are. You'll get the full celebrity experience complete with professional makeup, hairstyling, and prep for your moment in the spotlight. These pros know exactly what it takes to make you camera-ready for your face time on national TV streaming platforms. All you have to do is relax and bask in the pampering!
Then step into the studio spotlights as you film your very own 30-minute live TV interview: This is your chance to showcase your expertise to the world! No more wishing you had a TV platform - this is your chance to shine! With guidance from our seasoned production team, you'll effortlessly deliver your story in a way that captivates your ideal audience. You'll feel like a natural under the calm direction of the pros.
Global Distribution on Major Streaming Platforms: With air time across Zondra's expansive streaming network (including Hulu, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and hundreds of other channels), your show will be accessible to audiences worldwide for 9-12 months, giving you long-lasting visibility and brand exposure.
Professional TV Commercial Created for Your Brand: Walk away with a high-quality, professionally produced 30-second commercial spotlighting your business. Perfect for adding to your speaker kit or marketing campaigns to highlight your TV celebrity status.
Professional Reels: Filming doesn't stop when the cameras do. You'll receive a 30-second reel, perfect for promoting your TV stardom.
Prestige of Being "Seen on TV": There's no denying the powerful credibility that comes from being "Seen on TV." After your episode airs, you can proudly display the "Been Seen on ZTV" stamp of approval to your website and marketing materials.
Press Release: Announce your exciting TV debut with a professional press release that will capture media attention.

This isn't just about 30 minutes of fame - it's about creating a lasting legacy.

The We Can Do It Women™ TV appearance is an investment in expanding your impact and influence on a massive scale. No more struggling to rise above the online noise. We'll help you get your transformative message in front of millions of ideal clients and customers.

Best of all, you won't have to navigate this process alone. You'll be supported every step of the way by Zondra’s 7-Year experienced team dedicated to helping you make the most of this incredible opportunity.

Talk about making a lasting impression!

Imagine the brand awareness and lead generation possibilities when your face and story are broadcast into millions of living rooms.

In today's digital world where authentic authority is everything, proof of your TV stardom will make you shine even brighter in the eyes of your audience.

This All-New TV Opportunity Awaits! You've got something incredible to share, and the streaming TV revolution has opened up a whole new avenue for getting your message out to the world.

Don't let this chance to have a BLAST with Debra, Zondra and all your empowered sisters, all the while, elevating your brand visibility, credibility, and revenue pass you by. 

Claim one of the limited spots on the We Can Do It Women™ Blockbuster TV & Mini-Mastermind Experience; the lights, cameras, and millions of viewers are waiting just for you:

Here's what you get when you sign up for...

We Can Do It Women™ Blockbuster TV & Mini-Mastermind Experience

1:1 Strategy Session with Debra scheduled right after you register.
A group session with ZondraTV Network Studio Executive Producer Zondra Evans to help you create a game plan for translating this mass media exposure into an incredible revenue stream.
Mini-Mastermind on July 25: One-day Mini-Mastermind LIVE in Dallas, Texas with Debra and a handful of driven, ambitious women to help you clarify your vision, goals, and create a solid financial plan to manifest your desires. 
Enjoy a full celebrity-style makeover with professional hair, makeup and prep so you'll be camera-ready and feeling confident when it's time for your close-up.
Filming of your very own 30-minute live TV segment in a world-class studio, complete with a professional film crew to ensure you and your message look amazing. Seasoned producers will guide you every step of the way.
Global Distribution of your show for 9-12 months on major streaming platforms including Hulu, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and hundreds of other channels.
Professionally produced 30-second TV Commercial created for your brand. 
30-second professional reel, perfect for promoting your TV stardom.
The "Been Seen on ZTV" emblem to dispaly on your website and marketing materials. 
Press Release to announce your exciting TV debut.


Normally: $15000 Value

Your Investment $4997

Women who have coached with Debra have experienced rich transformations - wouldn't you love to be next?

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Trish Carr

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"Having Debra's coaching prowess, honed over 42 years as a financial planner is invaluable. I love being able to ask her questions about my specific situation. She helps me cut through all the financial noise with tools that save me time and money so I can meet MY goals."

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Laura Barker, JD



"My awareness and money and intention has grown exponentially since working with Debra. The confidence I've developed has saved me thousands of dollars."

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