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Learn the secrets to building intentional wealth from Debra L. Morrison, CFP®, who leverages her 4+ decades as a practicing CFP® and Asset Manager to now upleveling mature women's financial confidence.

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Pillar #1


Building Intentional Wealth begins with taking 100% ownership of your life and financial affairs.



Chart your course for Intentional Wealth by first declaring your goals, then aligning your investment strategies to achieve those goals.



Assess each of the gaps between your current investment portfolio and the amount necessary to achieve each goal and start today!

About debra l. morrison


Debra draws on her four decades of financial expertise, including her Master’s Degree in Retirement Planning where she partnered with clients to chart their financial plan and managed their assets accordingly on a Fee-Only Fiduciary basis. She holds the Accredited Estate Planner designation which armed her with specialty knowledge that helped her clients and their families KEEP more of their hard-earned estates, leaving rich legacies.

She has since retired from active financial planning and asset management and now serves as your Financial & Leadership Coach. Yes, she’s equally passionate about alerting women to pitfalls to avoid as well as charting, and then navigating each woman’s finances.

She strategizes with her growing number of coaching clients to either accumulate maximum wealth or, once retired, enjoy an inflation-adjusted lifetime income stream so that they can still afford to buy higher priced goods and services as they age. Together, Debra and each client, discuss both how to avoid financial perils while at the same time, effectively managing the sequence of return risk as well as the challenges inherent in increased longevity.

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