**Exclusive Invitation**
Limited to 12 Extraordinary Women 

A Transformative Journey Designed For Mature Women Who Are Ready To Reimagine & Uplevel Wealth In All Dimensions Of Their Lives 

Physically, Mentally, Spiritually & Financially

Who Is This For?

You are a woman who has navigated the complexities of life and emerged with the wisdom that true wealth is multi-dimensional.
You understand the importance of nurturing not just your investments, but your body, mind and spirit.
You are ready to align your financial goals with your deepest values and desires, creating a rich, fulfilling life that resonates with purpose and passion.

What You'll Experience Inside
The Creating Intentional Wealth Mastermind

A Holistic & Powerful Approach to Creating True Wealth

Physical Wealth. Learn how to best honor your body with practices that enhance your physical well-being, understanding that health is the foundation of all forms of wealth and it’s our unique container in which we live and move and have our being.
Spiritual Wealth. Connect with your inner wisdom, intuition, your guiding beacons, angels, God or Higher Being, to provide grounding & strength to face life’s unexpected events.
Mental Wealth. Cultivate a mindset of abundance and resilience. Overcome limiting beliefs or fears or uncertainty that have been holding you back from becoming/creating/achieving the fullest expression of YOU!
Financial WealthFinancial Wealth: Gain actionable strategies to grow your wealth, protect your assets, create financial security as well as your legacy. Whether you're navigating retirement planning, investment strategies, increased philanthropy or seeking to increase your financial literacy, this mastermind will empower you to take control of your financial future.


Expert Guidance

Led by Debra L. Morrison, a 45-year seasoned CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Grief Coach turned Financial & Leadership Coach for Mature Women, you're in experienced hands. 

Debra’s unswerving empathy provides the safe space into which women can share whatever money stories, money missteps or fears that have thwarted the financial security they richly deserve. And her quick wit & use of everyday analogies is refreshingly welcoming for all women to belly-up to the financial tables of life, and WIN!

Create YOUR Intentional wealth with Like-Minded Women Who Are:

Committed to achieving their goals

committed to each other

committed to being an example for other women to follow

Community Support

Surround yourself with like-minded women who share the aspirations for a holistic approach to wealth, and provide not just accountability but an invaluable network of support and inspiration.

Transformational Learning

This isn't about one-size-fits-all; it's a deep dive into what wealth means to you. You'll create a personalized wealth blueprint that respects and honors your unique journey and aspirations.

This IS Your Time
Time to Enjoy LASTING Peace of Mind and Complete Confidence in Your Intentional Wealth, Creating the Lifestyle and Legacy You Desire

Hear how working with Debra has transformed the lives of these amazing women...

"Learning radical responsibility and risk-taking from you has changed my life - thank you!"

Abigail Tiefenthaler

"Working with you 1:1 and looking at the bigger picture has allowed me see new ways to invest."

Karen Hardy

Details for The Creating Intentional Wealth Mastermind


The Mastermind runs for 6 months, commencing May 2024 through November 2024, combining twice monthly online group sessions, quarterly one-on-one sessions with Debra and extensive digital courses and workbooks.

Accountability & Support

Through the mastermind community and Debra's guidance, you'll be supported and held accountable so that you powerfully transform old habits and non-supportive beliefs to consistently take action in alignment with your goals.

Exclusive Access

Mastermind Members will have access to a private community through the We Can Do It Women™ Mobile App, providing a wealth of resources.

Mastermind Now Forming for Commencement May 2024
Twice Monthly 90-Minute Mastermind Sessions
2nd & 4th Wednesdays of Each Month at 12pm Eastern

6-Month Mastermind
Building Bridges Core Program

Building bridges moves you to the next level of achievement, financial independence and philanthropy through a combination of course work, one-on-one coaching and a mastermind program. We'll work inside a safe and supportive community over six (6) months, giving birth to your new-found resilience and prosperity monthly.

12-Person Mastermind Experience: Immerse yourself in a supportive community of like-minded women on a shared quest for success, because collaboration creates true prosperity! 
Our 6-month long program kicks off on May 8th, offering you unparalleled insights and support on your path to financial freedom.
9 Milestones to Creating Intentional Wealth: Gain access to our meticulously crafted curriculum comprising 27 lessons, structured around 9 key milestones for success, each lesson designed to empower you with actionable insights and strategies. Here are a few of the areas we'll delve into together:
Processing and recreating our money stories, forgiving ourselves for any past mis steps (and I'll share MY HUGE financial mis step AND how I recovered), upleveling our confidence.
Enhancing our systematic savings and making the most of the 8th wonder of the world (compounding).
Understanding how to best manage our risks, employing tax-saving strategies.
Navigating the complexities of wealth management, understanding 'dovetail' tax and investment strategies for compound wealth.
Defining and thus, designing your estate plan and ensure your legacy.
And so much more!
Exploring Socially Responsible, ESG & Impact Investing: Meet Money Managers that Debra has personally vetted, so you can consider investing in companies that align with your values. No longer do we have to choose between investing in what we used to call 'green' and making money; we can do both! Both Accredited Investor and Non-Accredited Investor opportunities will be highlighted.
One-on-One Private Sessions with Debra for Personalized Guidance:  You'll receive quarterly one-on-one sessions with Debra (a total of 3 in-depth sessions), where you'll exchange ideas, share experiences, and receive valuable feedback to propel your growth journey forward.
Lifetime access to Debra's Searchie HUB: An extensive video library containing searchable videos delivered during Debra’s 3-year paid membership program. You simply type whatever topic you're interested in, and up pops ALL the videos containing your search phrase, as well as identifying how many times your phrase appears in each video to fast track your learning.

Also included are the accompanying PowerPoint slides and numerous workbooks and journals that accompany those videos; this is truly a treasure trove of Financial and Wholistic Wealth Wisdom.

Expert Series:  Gain exclusive access to our Expert Series, where Debra will bring in industry-leading experts to provide additional insights and perspectives on key topics relevant to your success.
Choose Your Fee-Only Fiduciary Advisor:  Debra will explain the different types of financial advisors and personally guide you in the process of finding the right advisor for you and your goals. This advisory relationship would be responsible for you achieving your goals; the absence of same could cost you untold amounts, which is why Debra will partner with you in this quest. 
NOTE: Debra receives NO revenue, nor reimbursement, nor kick-backs, fees or consideration of any kind for said work.

Total Value - $30,000
Your Investment:

$4,997 Down
8 Monthly Payments of $1,350 Each
(Total $15,797)

Pay in Full & Save
One Payment of $14,997
(Save $800)

6-Month Mastermind
Becoming Brighter Beacon Elite Program

Becoming Brighter Beacons is for the We Can Do It Woman who is eager to expand her reach, her impact and her income. In addition to the benefits offered in the Building Bridges CORE Program, Beacons will also receive an extensive visibility and exposure plan that includes being featured on We Can Do It Women™ TV (streaming across multiple platforms including Roku, AppleTV and more), the Bustin' Barriers Summit and across the We Can Do It Women™ Mobile App.

We Can Do It Women™ TV (on Zondra TV Network) Includes:

We'll enjoy a blockbuster 3-days in Dallas, Texas at the Zondra TV Network studio where you'll showcase your expertise on national TV and podcast platform, streaming on Hulu, Roku, Amazon, Apple and hundreds of podcast platforms.

You'll delight in being pampered with professional make-up services, hair styling and overall preparation for the camera on the day of the shoot.
Each of our segments will be filmed in the Zondra TV studios over the course of two days and we'll learn the myriad ways Zondra teaches to leverage your publicity reach, as well as how to monetize your featured appearance on Zondra TV.
Each show streams worldwide through Zondra's extensive network for 6 months, reaching a worldwide audience.
Professionally Produced Commercial! Zondra and her team will create a professional commercial, unique for your business, providing you with another passive stream of income.
You’ll leave with professional reels and videos that you can use in your own marketing.

Revenue possibilities from this weekend could well exceed the price of the entire mastermind experience.

Featured Expert in the Women Bustin' Barriers Summit

Elevate your visibility and network with industry leaders at our prestigious Women Bustin' Barriers Summit, where you'll gain valuable insights and connections as a speaker. 

Debra's expertise in highlighting you and the unique ways you've "Busted Barriers" develops greater rapport, respect and relatibility to the audience.
Extensive exposure to a wide market through the collaboration joint venture marketing partners involved in the Summit.
You will also get a video clip of your interview from the summit to use and repurpose as you see fit.

Prominent Listing & Features Through We Can Do It Women™

Cement your status as a trailblazer in your field with prominent listing on our website.

Featured Spotlight on We Can Do It Women™ Website
Featured Spot on We Can Do It Women™ Mobile App

Total Value - $50,000
Your Investment:

$5,997 Down
8 Monthly Payments of $2,500 Each
(Total $25,997)

Pay in Full & Save
One Payment of $24,997
(Save $1000)

Women who have coached with Debra have experienced rich transformations - wouldn't you love to be next?


"My awareness and money and intention has grown exponentially since working with Debra. The confidence I've developed has saved me thousands of dollars."

Laura Barker, JD, BarkerBusinessSolutions.com

What others are saying...

Saved me thousands of dollars already!

"I saved over $2,000 on my homeowners insurance from just 1 tip from Debra." ~ Wendy C.

I love watching my money grow!

"Thanks to Debra's guidance I finally set up automatic savings and am absolutely LOVING watching my money grow!" ~ Nancy M.

You can be unstoppable too

"Having Debra's coaching prowess, honed over 42 years as a financial planner is invaluable. I love being able to ask her questions about my specific situation. She helps me cut through all the financial noise with tools that save me time and money so I can meet MY goals."

Trish Carr, International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Co-Founder of WomensProsperityNetwork.com

Wendy Cummings

Angela Nelson

Optional Add On

Enhance Your Experience in The Creating Intentional Wealth Mastermind with the Retreat in Agen, France!

Luxury Retreat Experience - Fall 2024
October 12th through October 19th

Experience a transformative retreat with your Mastermind Sisters Creating Intentional Wealth in a breathtaking destination, immersing yourself in rejuvenation, reinvention and relaxation. 

Our objective for the retreat is to provide a magical French Chateau experience that includes art, food, wine, travel, free time, new friends, dancing, music, yoga, and connections to French culture and people. It’s really about learning to have fun and rediscovering our playfulness through creativity.

8 days, 7 nights accommodations at Chateau de Borie
Meals: Continental breakfast and family-style dinner served daily. Lunches will either be provided by the chateau or during excursions. All meals prepared by a local French chef using fresh, local ingredients. Coffee, tea, and snacks are available throughout the day and of course, we will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Sommelier Visit: Learn about and taste local wines from passionate sommelier, Stephan, who will come to Chateau de Borie bearing some wonderful wines of all types from a variety of areas including Cahors, Bordeaux, and other places you may not have heard of yet.
An afternoon in Agen - easily accessible town that has an excellent art museum, opera house, two cathedrals and lots of shopping along a pedestrian-only boulevard. After a visit to the local farmers market, our host, Abby will take you on a walking tour of Agen and afterward you'll have free time to grab lunch and wander on your own.
Yoga: Alternating mornings and early evenings, you are welcome to join Haley in the Grand Salon for an hour-long, slow-moving vinyasa yoga class, appropriate for all skill levels.
Writing and Sketching Workshops: Our host, Abby, a renowned artist and best-selling author, will lead us in writing and sketching activities during the retreat.
Michelin Restaurant: We'll have an excursion one evening to dine at L'Affranchi, a Michelin star restaurant.

Plus, you will have the opportunity for one-on-one time with Debra as well as a variety of group personal development activities designed to expand your mind, your spirit and your wealth!

Retreat Add On Covering Lodging, Meals, Excursions and Classes $3,500
Transportation to and from airport included.
Airfare not included.

Chateau de Borie

About Chateau de Borie

Chateau de Borie may have been built between 1775 and 1800 as a large farmhouse and added onto in 1876. The house was the heart of a wine estate, until the mid-1850s when a nationwide plague afflicting grape crops across France wiped out a huge swath of French vineyards, almost decimating the French wine industry. The wine enterprise on the Borie estate, then owned by the Marraud family, never recovered and the vineyards were converted to other crops. In the late 1930s, the estate was purchased by a local surgeon who completed another major renovation, and in 1965 Chateau de Borie was purchased by Madame Gouachon, who raised her family here and lived until her death at the age of 97. Her daughter continues to live in the Bergerie, a sheep barn on the original property that she and her husband converted into a home.

The estate’s grounds are particularly unique in that the house is nestled into a limestone cliff face, known in France as “troglodytes” and there are some cave-like “rooms” carved into the cliff including a bakery with three ovens, once the summer kitchen. A small caretaker’s cottage built against the cliff wall is in the process of being renovated.

The house itself has large, bright, sunny rooms including 12 bedrooms and beautiful gardens with many private areas to enjoy the views and soak up the atmosphere in peace. There are several common areas, a large kitchen and living room, and three terraces, plus an array of “pools” that catch spring water.

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